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Definitely addicted.

As soon as you left, I was ready to replace you.

Had me withdrawing like I’d freebased you.

Chasing dragons like chasing you.

Not ready to quit, but I got to.

Drugs are just drugs, without you.

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In circles



Making future mistakes and watching you, feared like a deer in headlights.

You, you, you.

Turn the wheels, steer.

Feel the motions?


In circles



This will all come back around, just sit down cause you’re safe and sound.

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What’s your name?

What’s it mean?

What kinda legacy you tryna’ leave?

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Muse-less without a lady.

Sanely mundane, bound to drive my own-self crazy.

Full speed down the lane,

Lines looking hazy.

Blurred, misty eyed,

Just blink twice and save me.

Been a long ride,

Trying to park and pay-it.

Gitra get out and face it.

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Knowledge gained, right?

Gotta put it to use,

Use it or lose it,

Means that sometimes,

You may need to abuse it,

Stretch your truths

And face the music.

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Suit strutting, frazzled white-haired, brandy sipping at social events but still trying to coyly fuck barely legal girls in the bathroom when no-one else is looking. What a future. That guy has lived the life of a rockstar, to some, but the ever-long bachelors strike me as the loneliest and saddest of them all. Here’s to hoping there’s more in store for the rest of us.

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Icon is a bizarre word.

The idealization of taking someone’s likeliness that’s never particularly been comfortable being typecast.

The one’s whom were never quite on par with the mold get appreciated for such, after their molds have been broken.

They become the trend.

They become the focus.

They become the message.

The notorious become the famous.

The famous become the platforms.

The platforms become the message.

The icons?

The become it all.

They become a force.

They become strong.

Their voice becomes unstoppable.

Even in the after-life.

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You’re already 2.


How does time pass so fast?

Thought your Mom and I’d reconcile things by now.

She’s doing the right thing for you, though, as much as it pains me to say.

She loves you, so much.

You changed her life, you know?

You gave her purpose, kept her focused and motivated through some significant struggles.

Someday, when you’re her age, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

You’ll see everything she’s pushed through, and towards, for you.

How hard she’s worked to give you the world.

How hard she’s worked to give you everything that you deserve.

You do, you know?

Nothing but innocent joy in your eyes, something an old crab like me doesn’t see often.

Lucky to have known you both, kid.

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Of course

You know

Another night

No sleep

Sharing bar-close kisses with strangers


Drug-driven hang-outs

Snorting powders until daylight

Swore, before you came along it was the last time.

Swear, I was fine.

Found what I’d wanted.

Somehow made it mine.

Too bad it takes two or more for our relationship,

And it only takes one of me to throw it all away.

You’re gone for good now, I know that.

You know, in a way, so am I.

Goodbye forever?

I guess, though we promised there’d never be a goodbye.

I guess, we promised so much.

Hollow promises, chanceful promises.

Spoken promises with hope-but the intent of them lapsed, fast.

We made promises, knowing ultimately that they’d never last.

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Sure, the body can be beautiful.

How’s the mind, though?

The baddest can be the absolute worst,

If she ain’t the least bit mindful.

If she lacks common sense,

She ain’t worth a cent of my rent.

What really turns me on?



Mental sparks brought up from

Verbal stimulation

Give me brain,

Impressive with the head-game

Aged, internally

Looking for the same

Amaze me, and daze me

Talk over my face and faze me

High IQ’s lead to high-chases

Love some double-d’s

But the preference will always be,

A confident, sole, woman,

Working hard for a degree independently

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