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How many miles?

Lost count in such a short while.

Moved so fast.

We vacated like we’re vacationing,

Like we’re headed to an island.

Keep it all at bay,

Hush, remain quiet,

No speaking up, we should stay silent

If we don’t talk,

No chance for us lying

No matter if we keep living,

Someday we’re all dying

So no matter, we must,

We can’t just give up.

We owe each other way too much.

Go ahead and call my bluff,

Force me to prove whatever you deem the important stuff.

Remind me that life’s not all that fucked.

Remind me with your gentle touch.

You know, the world gets to feeling so fucking rough.

So, let’s keep it simple, let’s move south, keep it low-brow.

Let’s hide, you and I,

Think that’s more than enough for just now.

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Let’s fly,

Let’s hit the sky,

Faster than we can drive.

One flight.


Two flights.

If it all goes right,

We’ll make it home by tonight.

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Destiny is just that, there’s no such thing as bad-timing.

Life is no mere act, there’s no coincidence.

The winding of its path can clearly seem blinding.

Especially with no map.

But listen. Listen to the Earth and it’s rhythm.

It will keep you on track.

If it feels right, no need to look back.

Where you’re at is where you’re meant to be,

One of the universes only facts.

All you can do is accept, and react.

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Busy bodies make the world go round.

You know, when you move so quick, it’s hard to feel the ups and downs until you sit.

Been running so fast that your feet have hardly touched the ground.

Been swimming like a fish with no way to drown.

Keep momentum, the minute you stop is the minute your progress grows less.

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When the songs playing in the dive-bar match up perfectly with your heart, it feels like you may have hit a glitch in the matrix.

Maybe I haven’t been here.

Maybe this is exactly where I need to be.

Like an altered form of deja-vu, things line up too well.

It’s our jobs as humans to relinquish control to the universe and let it drive, but it’s also on us to pay attention to when the check engine light is lit and telling us to pull over and investigate.

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Can’t expect someone like me coming.

And I expect someone like you to take off, running.

If we can both be open to receiving love, then

Let’s start off as friends,

And see what that brings in the end.

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Think you may be falling

Think you think you’re falling too,

No need to play the victim

We can’t choose who we love,

As much as you may want to pick it.

Remain indifferent and understand what you’re being given.

Just because biologically, we can’t create children,

It should never limit our vision

You are you, admit it

Us two could be one, it’s not any different

From a you and a him

Accept it, then we can begin

Taking steps to becoming greater lovers than friends

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Could you be mine?

Would you even be mine?

Is it even worth it, to try and cross that line?

Assume, it could be great.

All we both ever wanted.

Could we even date?

Did we already call it?

Spoken like it’s set in stone,

Friends is what we agreed on.

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What defines classic?

Golden plaques and the masses?

When they can all sing your song?

Do you think it makes you belong?

Is it one of it’s own?

Or is just like every and any other top-whatever song?

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This is where we’re at – just look what happened.

All of us sailing this shit-storm together,

Mind as well act as a captain.

Someone should stand-up.

Too many people content with relaxing,

While America’s stuck moving backwards.

We are just letting it pass us.

At this point, can we even catch up?

Is it too late? Are we out of chances?

Politics hold no answer.

DC is just another form of cultural cancer.

Orange from fake-tans, like a Marilyn.

Not from palm trees and sand.

Simply another lie to the trapped minds of the “free land”.

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