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The forward.

Damaged women are beautiful. How come they never see it that way? Problems make a person passionate. Passion equals beauty. Therefore those cold claims are valid. See, this can be broken down to a simple science. Each interaction acts as a single molecule on a strand of DNA, requiring its own response which is uniquely comparative to previous or future situations. Not one moment is a like for one single person at any given time.

Interpretations have caused much distress throughout the bulk of my history and many of these so-called damaged women can probably relate. When I call them damaged it is not a negative knock at their personalities, it is merely my perspective towards the type of lady whom has been faced with a hardship, weathered the storm, and was forced to somehow rebuild.

Some of them have rebuilt stronger, surrounding themselves by the comfort of stability much like the foundation of a brick building. Others have altered their previous failures in attempts to reach log cabin status; they can quickly be cycled back to destruction if flames carrying multitudes of problems threaten to engulf the space they chose to resurface. The unfortunate souls wind up consistently challenged, never learning from their losses and begging for gratitude to bail them out. Think a chain link fence on a windy day, stable long enough for little to stick to its surface.

This is a truly never-ending cycle though. I have aligned with all three during various periods of my life for various amounts of time. This is where we come back to interpretations and the tricks that subliminal ideologies play. Ladies have caused my perceptions to become challenged and have staked claim in changing my life.


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