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February 20th.

3 years ago today, My life changed. For the better or the worse is up to interpretation. It was the first time I admitted to whole-heartedly being head over heels for anyone. I admitted it to her and the relationship grew for years. It was the greatest thing in my life to ever happen at […]

Qutting Cold Turkey – My Current Thoughts on Sex

This is an update from the author, Samantha Koshiol. Written Feb. 18th, 2013. Stay tuned for more updates on the book and more author updates.   Don’t you love sex? Sex. Sex. Sex. Really that’s all this post could be filled with and you’d read it because sex talks. Sex makes the world go ‘round. […]


Happy Valentines Day! In honor of the heartfelt holiday I’ve decided to release more of the book. This is the 8th chapter, Nancy, to Long Legs in the Twin Cities. Please, feel free to leave comments in the box below. Enjoy. Nancy was gorgeous, her bright smile and dirty blonde hair alone had me staying out […]