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Interview with Caitlin Kuusisto

Interview with Caitlin Kuusisto

A student named Caitlin Kuusisto interviewed me for a communication class that deals with the media. My brother had told her of the book and some of my previous work with local musicians and she decided to ask me. I don’t consider myself as an established writer yet so it was quite the honor. I’ve done many […]

Celibacy Conclusions – An Update from March 15th/20th

This is an update from the author written March 15th. A vow of celibacy has led to a larger outlook on things, here’s some of the insight she gained over the course of it. For those of you who may not personally know me, simply put: I am an asshole. One with the promise and […]

March 4th – An Update

This is an update from the author, written March 4th 2013. 19 Days down, 27 more to go. That math doesn’t equal up to 40 days I’ve been told lent consists of but alas, numbers don’t usually make sense. Add 19 days sans orgasm to the mix and you’ve got a cluster-fuck of mathematical equations that make […]