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Interview with Caitlin Kuusisto

A student named Caitlin Kuusisto interviewed me for a communication class that deals with the media. My brother had told her of the book and some of my previous work with local musicians and she decided to ask me. I don’t consider myself as an established writer yet so it was quite the honor. I’ve done many interviews on the other side of the q & a, but this was my first time being interviewed. It was fun, I’d love to do more and I’m sure they will come as the release date presses closer. E-mail me at samkosho@gmail.com if you’d like to set one up.

  • When did you start writing?

Pretty early on, used to write stories about my Lego characters taking over the world when I was 6.

  • What made you decide to write a book?

I’ve always wanted to write one but never had the drive, motivation or topic. During the summer of 2012 my ex-fiance ended our relationship and it caused me to re-asses things. Life, the way I view relationships, commitment, etc. I actually drove to a bar, wanting to drown my sorrows and instead picked up a pen and laid my point of view out on paper. I was really happy, and felt good getting it out so I continued writing until I was satisfied. Months later, and there was enough substance for a book. I had some friends read excerpts and they agreed it was worth publishing.

  • What is your book about?

It’s a memoir about my past relationships. It subjectively views the women I’ve dated or been involved with in a deeper, psychological and intuitive sense. It’s pretty honest and bold, I’ve really tried to lay all the cards face up. It also digs into themes of addiction, mental health problems and co-dependency issues. If you could photograph “crazy” and put it on paper, it would be comparable to LLTC.

  • What are your inspiration for any kind of writing?

Usually things I’ve experienced. I’ve done some perspective writing as well, more focused on outsiders and trying to piece their puzzles together. But yeah, for the most part my writing comes from learned life lessons.

  • Do you think you’ll write another book?

Absolutely. I’ve got some much written that’s unreleased, some day it will be. There’s one book I’ve started as a follow-up to LLTC but it’s more in letter and free-verse form. I’m developing a marketing plan for LLTC that will hopefully spark interest in publishers so they can do the foot-work next time.

  • Tell me about Long Legs In the Twin Cities.

Well, I kind of explained it in an earlier question but it has to do with my past relationships. The name comes from where the stories took place (The Twin Cities) and one of my favorite features on a lady, long legs. It seemed fitting.

  • Is the book about you and your past/current relationships?

Yes indeedy. Though, currently there is nothing relational to write about. I’m single and enjoying it for the most part. The website (longlegsinthetwincities.com) has some updates about where I’m at now opposed to when those stories took place.

  • Do you think any of your ex- girlfriends will get upset reading about themselves?

I really struggled with this when first deciding to publish. I actually contacted 5 or 6 of the ladies to try to prevent that. Most of them were pretty honored by the idea and wanted to read their chapters, and they were met with great responses. They were all pretty stoked about it, but I’m not using anyones real name for their own privacy. There was one girl, my first girlfriend, whom did not want to read anything. She knows what the story entails. If I were her, I would’ve said no as well.

  • Do you think writing will become a career?

That is a good question. My focus in the last year has shifted from what I previously wanted to do, into becoming an author. It’s always been a goal, and the closer it grows into becoming true the more excited it makes me. This book will be a good gauge to see if there’s potential to quit my day job and write for a living.

  • Do you have any other kind of career in mind?

For the past few years I’ve been determined to become an art therapist. Years and years of schooling left for that, I’m just now getting my AA and have to work my way up to grad school, so we’ll see.

  • Have you taken any communication classes?

I took interpersonal communication one of my first semesters at Century College and loved it. Not sure why I haven’t taken more. Communication is a fun subject, and sadly it’s becoming a lost art with the twitter generation.

  • What classes have helped you the most?

Those communication classes (as instated above) are very important. Psychology classes have been extremely helpful with almost every aspect of life. They’ve given me deeper understanding and explanations about society. Sociology classes fall under that realm too.

  • Where do you see your self in 5 years?

As morbid as it sounds, probably dead. I live a pretty fast lifestyle and hate forcing myself to slow down. So, I’m writing prolifically until then with hopes I’ll be a member of the 27 club. If I don’t wind up in the 27 club as some well-known author, I’ll probably be slaving away in some meaningless retail job working my way through grad school.

  • Who is your role model?

Two words: David Duchovny.

  • Any authors you just absolutely love? Who and why?

David Duchovny is actually an author as well as an actor, his books and short stories are amazing. I’ve recently become a large Hemingway fan so now I’ve got a favorite old-dead-white-guy author. For the most part, I’m a fan of low brow humor so I’m currently reading through all of Tucker Max’s books. Though, my all-time favorite is probably a young adult author named Ellen Hopkins. She writes about addictions and mental struggles from a realistic point of view. She also writes in verse and poetry form. Her formatting of paragraphs tends to be artistically stacked to showcase the topic she’s referring too. It’s absolutely gorgeous.


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