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This is an update. Not much else to say about this one, it’s pretty self-explanatory.


I’m not the type who can learn to love a woman. They have to just have that thing. The aura. That passion. God, that passion. It drives me wild. Uncontrollable and magnetic. So rare it pulls you under every time it approaches. When its present, it’s unavoidable. Why people trick themselves into denying it isn’t there has never made sense. On the other hand most people live pretty rational lives, making decisions with their head and helpful guidance.

Those people are fools.

Void of the true meaning of living. If you don’t feel it, what are you doing? Wasting your fucking time.

Life is short, and I for one would rather spend my existence feeling youthful, energized and alive. Even if chaos occurs it’s evoking some sort of call to action from the heart. Creating some feeling, larger than yourself. That’s an amazing experience and I urge those who feel it to respond. Somehow.


Do you want to age slowly, calculated and emotionally removed from situations like some robotic creature? Or would you rather fly by the seat of your pants, anticipating something new and different that carries a variety of results?

Knowing the options, my choice isn’t a question.

The risk of fizzing out cautiously and melodramatically scares the ever-living shit out of me. Don’t get me wrong, stability is necessary to some extent in order to be a functioning member of society, but there needs to be some part to counter-act that.


It drives me wild. It’s the true meaning of living.

Go live life before you wake up as a middle-aged humdrum.

Go find that passion.

And if you’ve found it, hold on to it. Go for it. Don’t back down. Lead yourself by excitement. LIVE LIFE.



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