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Take a Step Back.

Here’s another random excerpt. Written during vacation in Key West. Slightly important note for the subject matter. Life gets busy. Is that an excuse or is that just a product of our routine? As a society we’ve become so attached to the things meant to simplify life and the tasks it hands us. Smart phones. […]

Don’t Change a Thing

As promised, this post is the beginning of some older writings. Dug through mostly filled notebooks, some old, some new. Some of these excerpts are from 2014, 2013, and on, all the way back to 2008. These were written to women, for women, about women, or about life and stuggle. My topics don’t vary much […]

You caught me.

Anyone who read that previous post and expected an update yesterday clearly did not absorb it. I’m a runner. Runner by nature. Runner by choice. Even ran track in high school until I ran away from that in favor of drivers ed. A license gave me the freedom to run farther than ever before. This […]

Hey Guys.

If you actually follow this blog, you may be aware that I don’t update it frequently. This is due to many things. Being a busy and highly depressed 20-something can pretty much sum it up though. Somedays (more often then not) I have the time but not the balls to be so honest with the […]