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Reflective Sunday Update

Some more current pieces on my general state of mind and introspective understanding of life. These were all written in the past two months. Enjoy.   (Written 2-25-2014) The definition of irony may be attempting to cure your social anxiety inĀ  by sitting smack dab in a sea of strangers. Been at this strange little […]

Back-logging cont.

More past poetry about women. Surprised?   Confidence. Spilled like paint. Splatter the walls, with thick strokes of thanks. Tell her that she’s pretty. Quickly. Before she forgets me. Fidgety, Palms are even turning clammy And I’m perspiring anxiety So if you look you understand me. Beads of sweat, Piled up. You’re gonna sense my […]

Back-logging posts continued

Things behind the scene for the book are finally coming to culmination. Until I can release any news about it, here are once again some older, random writings from the past. These will be popping up in the next few days. Enjoy.   Too drunk to deny you. Too in denial to stay sober. You […]