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Aqua – Auga – H2Ohhhhhh

Water, be it fresh, frozen, or falling molecules, is easily one of the most peaceful things life contains. At least to me. Rivers give me a buzz, lakes keep me pensive, oceans make me feel free. Snow looks like love, and icicles look like beautiful reminders of tragedy. Strange how a few chemistry components can create so many emotions. Knowing all this, I tend to write near and about water quite frequently. Maybe this has to do with being from the land of 10,000 lakes, maybe it’s just cause water is life. Either way, here’s a poem about water I wrote sitting near the Mississippi river. Enjoy!


River’s risen,

The tides are high again.

Moving faster,

In spite of fishes fighting.

Night out, night in,

The water is building.

Inches upon inches,

It’s hard to keep swimming.

Fishes keep nibbling,

Biting insistent.

Quit hooking bait,

Not what I want from the lake.

Fully acquainted with,

The effort that takes.

Rather soak up the rays,

And wade in place.


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