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Expressionism – Winter 2012

Are you happy?
Cause I just don’t see it.
So much potential
To make the world spin for you.
Yet you just don’t believe it.
Stuck in zero gravity,
Like purgatory is reality.
You’re baffling,
Beautiful and capturing,
With anchored shoes.
Yeah, you’re tied down.
Throwing me clues now,
You’re ready to be on your own.
Alone and grown,
Enough mind for one,
But strength for a family home.
Independent with provision.
Just ask girl,
Would gladly give ya what you been missing.
Highly doubt you need it,
But we could pretend,
Keep it a secret.
The way he gets,
Short fused and full of verbal abuse,
Let’s his issues loose on you,
Makes claims you’re stupid,
Does he make you feel useless?
Cupid admits, your relationship is fruitless.
Crooked arrows got shot,
Skewed your thoughts,
But now you got my heart.


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