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Expressionism – Drifter ft. Orikal Uno

Back in the fall/winter of 2012 a good friend of mine (Orikal Uno) helped me on a project during a time I really needed as many outlets as possible. Rapping made sense. I dove deep into during the time we worked on this project and tried to hone my lyricism. Orikal’s smooth emcee skills and wordplay are also showcased here. Not only did he help with verses, but he also mix and mastered the whole thing (thanks again dude)! I’m definitely no Biggie, or Pac, or Nas. Hell, I’m not even a Riff Raff, but I really enjoyed working on this project. Here’s the lyrics, and song as promised. I’ll go song by song, but you can download the whole project on Bandcamp.



Drifting like a nomad,
Sifting through known facts,
Laying on my back, in another strangers lap.
Thinking ’bout what I had,
Pacing on my own path.
Calculating on staying,
Or running really fast.
Really, really fast.
Moving way past that.
Wondering aimless,
Praying to be nameless,
Faceless making statements,
Hoping for changes,
And that I was, a part of making them.
Moving through the city,
Empathizing like I’m guilty,
Giddy when you feel me,
But when you meet the real me,
I’m running like the field’s free.
Barely breathing, but carrying on,
Leaving you my messages,
Hidden through these songs.
Explicit and uncensored,
Like my thoughts are wrong.
Roaming along, all alone.
Minnesota mentality,
Time struck in the zone,
Not quite sure where to go,
So I roam.


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