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Expressionism – Hooptie ft. Orikal Uno

Rolling low-class since 16,
’92 Lumina, soccer-mom-style,
Stuntin’ on the scene.
After that, inherited, ’89 Corsica from my family.
That car was as old as me.
Used to die at stop-lights,
Only drove it twice.
’95 Explorer,
Drove it ’til I broke it.
Windows were missing,
When it was zero below.
Oh no, another van.
Lasted a week,
Broke and left it stranded.
Moved on to something more standard,
For my age.
Blue Chevy Malibu,
Wasn’t new,
But I adored it.
Floored it, ’til the impound lot provided it storage.
Bought another Ford,
Brakes froze, anti-freeze was free-flowing.
Now I roll a car, owned by an old couple,
Who loved it,
Took good care of it,
But I’ll find a way to fuck it up to roughness.



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