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Expressionism – 10-29-13 (2)

Mental note: don’t go mental.
If shit comes and goes, why do we grasp so tightly? Like love will dissipate any moment, our money will vanish, our time will waste away. We know it comes in at its own and evaporates when it decides. We realize our choices and the fact that we’re ultimately powerless. At least, we should.
One of the largest human flaws is not realizing all we’re capable of and allowing the things that we’re not, to form on their own. Go ahead, try to force it to fit. Puzzle pieces disregarded and life lessons abandoned. See how far pushing squares into circles brings you. Maybe as far as your patience will allow but eventually that and common sense will collide. For some it takes a bit longer. You’ll have to conform at some instance. Accept that the unknown is just that, unknown. Question it, hell, search for answers if your heart so desires. Don’t stop until you find what you need, but be willing to face that there may not always be one solid answer.

Actually, that’s very rare. Kudos to you if you can find one enveloping answer. Life isn’t a math problem like that, instead more a deep, rich, detailed painting-calculated based off the colors and perspective tricks we’ve learned to pull off, or it’s something like an abstract portrait-mangled shapes and emotion trying to explain more than the visuals ever could.
Choose your medium, pick your colors (they don’t HAVE to match), decipher your objects, and dammit interpret your messages how you want!

You’re not bound to thinking inside a box, quit acting like it.


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