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Expressionism – Worn – Winter 2012

Worn, cold, limited
Bold, bare, skinless
So many lost words,
Losing it here, win-less
Countless thoughts,
Views remain unfinished
Minutes count for hours
And I feel like a coward.
Rough to the touch, hollow
Broken to the bone.
Broken to the core.
Fragments lie alone.
Stuck in the head,
Trapped in the mental dome.
The million ideas,
Too many to agree on.
Argue that I’m wrong,
So long individualism,
Keep waving ’til it’s gone.
Indecisive to the point of,
Herding with the sheep along.
Loosing sight of being free,
Lost sight of me,
Keep going ’til I can’t see.
Keeping busy, staying interesting.
The true inner-deep side is a mystery.
Rooted deep,
So I rarely speak on or mourn,
My weak thoughts, sad sobs or distraught.
I was taught to just stop.
Take a breath and absorb.
Life is what you learn for.
Turn the pain into a reward.
Move forward towards the unknown,
Don’t be afraid to keep going.
Set attainable goals,
Claim what is yours,
Don’t try to fast forward,
Maintain your mind,
Like its worth it’s weight in gold.


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