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Expressionism – Lake City – Undated

Here off Highway 61 in a city totting it’s “Birthplace of water-skiing” title, is the same place I parked after that night. Sat right here, in the same car, calling a friend with the news. You and I had decided to keep it hush-hush, yet I had to tell someone.
So excited to have committed to loving you forever. The fact we had to keep it a secret should have been a warning sign. It just bred more secrets. So many they began to cross paths. Our lies intertwined. Yours assuring me that you weren’t aware of mine. Neither of us were really that stupid though.
Sure, maybe we were in denial. Remember how we let our hearts make decisions?
Haven’t let mine chose since. Not on the important things, anyway. It still begs for you. Still wonders what could have been. Still knows you were right by leaving. Troubling that I can’t let go yet. Maybe someday.


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