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Expressionism – Summer 2013

Somehow things got mis-communicated.
Maybe it was because trying to pull words from stone is only plausible in fairy tales.
Maybe I’m guilty of wearing by heart bare,
From artery to artery,
Action to action-hoping someone picks up vocal-less verbiage.
Maybe you just don’t care.
It’s honestly easier to blame me, at least that leaves some hope for change.
Some room for progress.
A possible way to conquer this.
Torn I stand, face to face with ideas that the latter is the truth.
It’s funny because we don’t even speak about it.
We ignore those awkward moments, replacing them with kisses as if to bandage the inevitable.
Do hearts break easier with care or something?
There really is no one I can blame this one on.
Full blown alarms alerted,
Flags waved,
Storms grew around the little eye we’ve been nesting in.
I’ve hoped sunshine overcomes.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.
Better take cover stat,
There go the sirens.


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