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Expressionism – 1-8-14

Stuck in this seat. Plane’s been flying and for some reason during the mid-altitude ride I never stood up, stretched legs or moved feet. Stayed here watching; Movies pirated from the infamous Swedish site first, clouded skies interrupted by the g-force and wingspan second. Reminds me of life and existence. Sometimes the wings are necessary, no other way to fly to your destination, regardless of the clouds they interrupt. They don’t care. Clouds are the least of their worries. As an object, those wings have one main focus, to glide their way from destination A to destination B.

You’re the only one worried and fazed by what’s between.

It’s pretty obvious, the more you fly, the more clouds you’ll travel through. Again, just like life. The more of it you live, the more decisions and influences you have. More doesn’t always equal merrier. More clouds tend to confuse pilots, causing them to question their radars and due diligence so it only makes sense that life and the problems we face in it confuse people as well.


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