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Expressionism – 11-16-14


To every woman I ever felt something more than superficial attraction for, that I let go of for some blind, selfish, unthunk reason, I’m sorry.
You and myself could have had something special.
Maybe we could have had something worthwhile.
Maybe we would have brought out the best in each other.
Maybe we would have fizzled into nothingness.
Maybe we would have grown to hate each other.
Maybe you would forever resent the things I did.
Maybe we would be the greatest love story ever told.
Maybe our future was never that bright.
Maybe we would have been doomed.
Maybe we were meant to fail, miserably.
Time could have told what we could have been, really; but I wasn’t willing to see it out.
What we have now, is something.
What we have now, is respect.
What we have now, is a basic understanding.
What we have now, is not each other.
Don’t you think it’s better that way?


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