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Motions – 3/2/16

You’ll be gone soon enough. Reaching out to any she that will reciprocate. Plan on replacing you with her. One of them. Someone. Anyone.

It doesn’t matter at this point, so long as she plants kisses as softly as your lips did and grabs my shoulders like they weren’t always built to fit perfectly in your clutches.

Prior to you, felt like I was lacking romantically. Unable to commit. Stamped a cheater forever. You made me realize that wasn’t true. Showed me my potential.

Always gonna love you for that.

Always gonna miss waking up in your bed to your face. Was one of the few times it wasn’t covered in cover up. You’d smile. We’d kiss. Your lack of morning breath at first had me thinking you had been up for hours, teeth already brushed and day started while I silently slept next to your son.

You were calling him our son at the time. We didn’t correct him when he called me Mom. Weird that a month ago, I was a full fledged parent-and then it vanished like an Amber Alert that I don’t have a right to file or even follow up on. He’s not mine by blood. Never was. Blood didn’t matter. Wanted to treat him like a kid of my own regardless. 

Before we got involved, 8AM meant it was time to swap lines for bumps and beers for bloodies. Sunrise with you had me running to the supermarket to pick up breakfast sausage and pampers. I preferred that so much more. Not sure where we went wrong, but I’m always willing to go get more diapers..


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