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Oil & Water – 1/4/16X1/27/16


The best things in life are worth waiting for.

The best things in life are worth fighting for.

We’ve waited.

We’ve fought.

Living, loving.

Together, apart.

Growing together, like intertwined vines, we show no sign of stopping.

Freezing, melting.

Waning, waxing.

We are who we are, forever our core properties.

We may weather and alter, really, feed off each other.

The process is a full with you.

Feel the complete cycle.

Freezing, melting.

Waning, waxing.

Forever our properties.

Explosive properties at best.

Learned we don’t mix.

Oil and water.

We scorched, we got hotter

Hotter than we could’ve thought of.

Awful caustic reaction.

You couldn’t get past it.

Nights joined on the mattress didn’t help patch us.

Full of too much. Too much love. Too much passion.

Too much. It’s blinding.

Sent you crashing.

Still gave it all, like who the hell cares what happens?

Moments repeat.

Replay in drifts like an arctic breeze.

Chilled by the thoughts, and froze without your body heat.


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