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Sitting in this elementary school and it’s hard to not think of where you’re gonna send him someday.

Not to imagine what his teachers name will be.

If he’ll be excited to make new friends.

If you’ll ever get so many phone calls from the principals office that you two become best friends.

Being around these kids just makes me wonder, still, what will transpire from yours.

Will he grow to love throwing balls even more than his infant self did?

Or will he take to kicking them down a field like his Father loved to do?

His little limbs could never sit still, so it’s inevitable that he’s bound for something active.

In all reality, he was always moving to tones and melodies, so it would be a bigger shock if he doesn’t spend at the very least a couple years dancing.

He loved trucks, planes, cars, boats-any kind of transportation, and I doubt that will be changing.

He’ll turn 15 and demand drivers ED, maybe even in favor of some of his lesser preferred sports like his once-to-be Step-Mom did.

He’ll turn 16 and capture that freedom in the form of a drivers liscence.

So help that he learns to break the cycle of becoming a parent before leaving high school that his parents set into rotation.

His fascination with shiny wheels and turbo boosts always outweighed any apparent desire to parent on his behalf; except for the times he tried to help his Mother cook.

His first car is gonna be all-too-nice for a 16 year old, but he will skrimp and save for it and probably drive it all-too-wrecklessly as it is.

Believe that he will love that thing.

Hell, he’ll probably name it.

Keep it clean.

Tune it up.

Customize it to his liking.

He’ll love it like this once-almost Step-Mom will always love him.

However, this will be his.

A car (or possibly a truck) of his own.

Title printed and inked in his name to keep it formal and make it real.

Just a few short months and he’ll recieve tab renewal mail from the DMV.

Who even has a clue what your address will be then?

Street is sure to change.

More than positive the zip code will as well.

Highly likely that Minnesota won’t be housing either of you at that point.

By then, you’ll have made your escape back across the Northern US border West to your home state.

Back to the minne-Minneapolis that resides in Washington.

That’s always where you wanted to be.

Back out West, with your son and your degree.

We talked about it often, even if you never saw that future with me.

Still, I’ll love you both forever like it’s still in the cards.


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