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Ain’t asking for commitment.

Know I wouldn’t get it,

And you know I’m a realist.

No regrets with sharing secrets.

Tell each other, knowing we’ll keep them.

Kisses keep them sealed.

Legs wrapped around each other like there’s no chance

That we could leak them.

Treating one another like we’re independently dependent.

Far more than a friendship.

Accidentally blurting statements that

Threaten to end it.

But that word slipped and you know,

I might have meant it.

No use in pretending.

Trust ain’t meant for bending.

Told you honesty is important

And that it’s backed up by my penmanship.

Write you poems full of confessions.

Filling notebooks full of love-letters.

Full of you, the subject matter

All in all every time I move faster

You’d rather scatter backwards,

No need to explain,

And no need to communicate after

Just gather the pages

Keep writing for days and days

Scribble the way out of the maze

Dazed, beyond the lines?

All in all, it’s okay

Ultimately, we’ve got it all

We’ve got life,

Together or not

We remain.



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