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Just wait.


What are we doing?

Not sure quite what to think

You’ve got no answer

Not one you’re ready to give

Still deciding if it’s worth it?

Me too

We’re one in the same

That’s why you got me leaving women be.

All of them that ain’t you

Simply ain’t worth you

The more you let me in

The more I see through

Further deep

Down to the real you

Know we’ve just scratched the surface

And you’ve yet to see my worst

So if you’re not sold by my best

Got me worried

Got me stressed

Got me despite all the doubts

Still wanting to invest

We’re just yet scratching the surface

But I’d be damned to deny that

You don’t feel worth it


One comment on “9/1/16

  1. I love this line: “You’ve got no answer/Not one you’re ready to give”

    I think you have a talent for this.


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