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We’ve embraced each other: materialism and I.

Pseudo-social success with ample nod from the local in-crowd.

No hassle and free VIP strip-club access around the city.

After-parties high up in lofts, somehow higher than we get.

Always looking better than we feel.

The surface is tailored, matching and adorned with shiny accoutrements.

Layers deeper, things are still as seedy and dark as they’ve always been.

Minneapolis, my once greatest love affair turned full-time lust driven and attractive partner.

Somehow she’s seduced me for the one that’s always held my heart captive.

The same one who’s greatly betrayed that same heart many times-St. Paul.

Granted, often, while we were together, I was busy being distracted across the river.

I still loved her, and she loved me back.

She’s too wholesome for where I’m at.

For the path she’s helped lead me to.

The monster that we’ve both created.

Clearly not suitable to be creating any time of family of my own in my own hometown.

This one’s helped me make my own twisted one.

Cherry-picked from a slew of local odd-balls.

It’s not what I wanted, but it’s what I’ve got.

For right now, this feels right.

I’ll love this place until she destroys me like her sister has.


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