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Fuck does it even mean?

Can we control it or do we live in some Final Destination mapped out, pre-determined, type of universe?

Individually we’ve got unique skills like life designed us each via a Sims character creation screen.

7 blue dashes of playfulness, but only 2 blue dashes in the nice category.

Guess there’s a map for each of us.

Do we dare follow the little bit of journey unlocked ahead of us?

Thwart ourselves towards the unknown in hopes that your design takes over and keeps you safe?

Are you willing to take the chances, or are you building a formulaic life by careful calculations?

I was never any good with numbers, but intuition is another story.

If there is a map.

Some fucking map.

I’ll keep searching for it, high and wide.

I want that buried treasure, knowing it’s so much more than gems and gold doubloons.

It’s life.

Full of answers to those seemingly answer-less questions.



All the things I’ve been searching for my whole life, like some depressed, nomadic, treasure hunter.

Keep heading north until the compass alerts otherwise.

No need for a shovel when life has had you breaking boulders since kindergarten.

Now, if I could just find it.


That spot.

The one marked by an X.

I just might strike it rich.


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