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What if you find what you’ve been patiently wishing at every 11:11 for?

You are fully aware of how lucky you’ve become, like winning a jackpot powered by karma instead of monetary credits.

Does that make you rich?

Does it matter how well you invest?

Are you willing to gamble a few winnings, bet against the odds and hope that you hit and strike millions instead?

Some of us are just meant to be broke, no matter the amount of hard-work or random strokes of luck that we hit.

If that’s the up-until-the-to-be-seen-possible-future case, I’m gonna bet it all.

Spend it on the moment.

Live like there’s no means.

I mean, really, I’d rather feel a thrill and fall in love a few times over the course of things than remain stagnant and save for nothing but the eventual promise of death.

Spend it all.

That’s my mentality.

Your risk of losing everything might be greater, but your chances at hitting some sort of jackpot greatly increase as well.

Seeking as much of that heart-pumping, lights-flashing, bell-ringing, adrenaline-surging, winning as possible, even if I do die penniless.


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