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How fucking selfish can one person be?

Testing all the theories and so far none of the hypothesized answers are the final one.

Accurate as your calculations may be, it doesn’t matter if you’re mixing things that are dangerously non-cohesive.

Dating to be loved.

Dating to be wanted.

Dating for all the wrong reasons, right?

The couple times I dated for pure love and ignored logic were STILL all-too selfish.

Got a sorry for each one of you women for some specific, deserved reason.

Sorry I cheated.

Sorry I didn’t give too fucks.

Sorry I gave too many.

Sorry I loved you uninhibitedly.

Sorry I broke our promises.

Sorry I even made some of them.

Sorry I stopped responding.

Sorry I wouldn’t leave your phone alone.

Not sure that I’ve done much right when it comes to dating. Hoping that the trial and error brings some understanding and helps shed a new light to a new land,

Hell-bent on continuing to add apologetic foot-notes to each chapter until then, I guess.


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