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Still drunk and foolish

Knowing each sips leads to thoughts more barren and fruitless

Liquor therapy, dare I say, is, so useless

I use it for this,

For those words,

The ones that just hang from my lips.

So much better spoken through these here fingertips.

Verbally witless,

It’s easy to witness,

Even gets easier if I continue to sip this

Words spilling like wrist slit.

With leaking emotions


I try so hard not to show them

Elixir forces these wounds back wide open

Can we keep it all in the moment?

Others lose focus, we all know how atrocious it can get

Does our conversation feel hopeless?

Would you rather read it, if I wrote it?

Or would you prefer to write me off like you had simply never noticed?

Soundless sealed and stuck at zero, motionless

Been trying to give it a rest,

It’s this liquid courage pulling it from my chest

Words of all kind

Even the worst, at their best


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