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How many miles?

Lost count in such a short while.

Moved so fast.

We vacated like we’re vacationing,

Like we’re headed to an island.

Keep it all at bay,

Hush, remain quiet,

No speaking up, we should stay silent

If we don’t talk,

No chance for us lying

No matter if we keep living,

Someday we’re all dying

So no matter, we must,

We can’t just give up.

We owe each other way too much.

Go ahead and call my bluff,

Force me to prove whatever you deem the important stuff.

Remind me that life’s not all that fucked.

Remind me with your gentle touch.

You know, the world gets to feeling so fucking rough.

So, let’s keep it simple, let’s move south, keep it low-brow.

Let’s hide, you and I,

Think that’s more than enough for just now.


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