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The history here is old as old gets.

Some of these buildings existed when Jesus supposedly was practicing party tricks.

The Emperors had aqueducts, and JC had a pension for transforming their life source into vino.

The men who built these forums, the Roman peacocks of their time, all seemed to compete over who’s was the biggest. Who’s was the most intricate. Who’s was built-in a single day. Who’s was most durable for the test of time.

Fuck. Even in 85AD men were having big dick swinging competitions.

No one here was driving soft-top F150’s to show-off.

Maybe all the Italians dicks are just plain ol’ bigger than Americans dicks all around, though statues like David admit that they had chodes back then, too.

Just as tiny, just as flaccid and probably just as unable to please a majority of women.

It’s clear that men have never put much focus on pleasing women in any culture, save for maybe France, and the rest of the world deems them as pussies. I’d say, they actually got and probably deserved more pussy than the rest of the world with that kind of mentality in such a misogynistic world.

Their men came from one of the few cultures where they didn’t have to take women by force, like some cro-magnum type character that was content with clubbing chicks over their heads and dragging them back to their caves.

At least, I don’t think they did. Willingly admit, I’m fairly uninformed and ignorant beyond my own bubble, though this trip has been eye-opening.

2017 is a good time to be a woman, all things considered.

We often forget that but this European journey has been a solid reminder that Trump and Pence aren’t as bad as Mussolini and Franco were.


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