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Minneapolis is dope because you can step foot into any random locally owned food spot and all of a sudden there’s a spur of the moment open mic night. There’s so many reasons to be inspired, all around us here. No wonder we move like such a cohesive unit, especially when the winter comes. We have that rate community that supports one another. We buy local. Shop local. Dine local. Together, we thrive. At least, that’s how it feels in this eccentric community I’ve become jelled within. The one Uptown bestows. Wedged between Downtown Minneapolis and a whole chain of lakes.

It’s not home, yet, it’s not most of our homes here, so we treat it with the respect that this has become our home.

We co-exist. We’re a unit. We’ve got each others backs.

Once, our apartment started on fire, right in the heart of the Whittier neighborhood, and soon all of the nearby residents crowded the scene with offers of help through hugs and cat carriers for the displaced pets. That night, any doubts I had about being accepted into this community ceased, and now I make damn sure to give the girl down the street a dollar whenever she’s out there trying to earn her snacks, even if I don’t want the lemonade. We take care of each other, because the world has shown us that no one else will.


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