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Not really the type to just settle.

Bedroom antics are one thing-we’re all animals with needs, after all.

Savages until sunrise.

No one really wants to wake-up next to a hyena full of guilt, ready to run quicker than the predecessor.

All of us in the kingdom want some physical contact.

It’s not human nature, it’s just plain ol’ basic-fucking-nature, after all.

Yet, I’ve learned it’s best to not wake a sleeping beast.

Somehow better off domesticated, even with a wild heart.

We’re all much safer with a loving owner and a home to get fed in, after all.

Feeling feral these days.

Leaving all these lesbians, bi-curious straight women, girls with boyfriends, girls with girlfriends and wives to be alone, to roam on their own.

I don’t need their problems just as much as they don’t need mine.

We’re all too wild for each other.

Too much trouble.

It’s dangerous to act off that animilastic ID side.

Someone will get eaten.

It is survival of the fittest, after all.

Haven’t you ever read “Lord of the Flies”?

Feel we’ve all grown to be more civil than beating others to death with a rock, but maybe we don’t all see it that way at the end of the day.

All these paired up couples make me think maybe we don’t, after all.

Cave-men clubbing their prizes and cashing in once their back at their caves.

The positive, glass-is-never-half-full-but-it’s-full-of-beer side of me, hopes that they’ve found their mate to help them survive.

The counter-part.

The ying to their yang.

Lucky folks, I’d consider them.

There’s no need to be scorned over a lack of finding your own two-dog hunting pack.

Some of us are lone wolves.

Food for thought.


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