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Dating like I’m out here, running from love.

Skirting commitment?

Okay, sure, I admit it.

Easier than risking it.

Okay, okay, I admit it.


Without a sense of a future,

Why bring someone else in to risk it?

Why waste a womans time by promising commitment?

Would never get what she deserves from me,

Okay, okay, I admit it.


Know it would hurt her.

Know I don’t deserve her.

Needs someone who will put her first.

They can unwrap each others worlds.

Okay, okay, I admit it.


Got an inability to provide,

For a partner in my life.

No clue what to do with a commitment,

Okay? Okay, I admit it.


Sometimes just need some attention,

A physical kind of friendship.

No reason to end it when we both benefit.

Okay? Let’s admit it.


Running from love, and dating to feel young,

It keeps me limited,

But it keeps me timid,

And boy, do I need it.

Okay, I admit it.


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