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Samantha Koshiol is 25 years old, but most days she feels like she’s closer to 50. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she’s already lived through multiple mid-life crisis’ that have given her a leg up on life. She’s always been wiser than most her age, and most of that is based off of the things she’s been through in life.

Mental health issues and drug abuse have plagued her since preteen years, they eventually got so unbalanced out-of-control that she wound up in hospitals, and even jail. After the stint behind bars she made the decision to grow up and do something with her life.

She enrolled in college shortly after that and got herself on the Deans List semester after semester with exceptional grades. She joined Phi Theta Kappa (the national honor society for community colleges) in 2011. She hasn’t relapsed on the drugs that put her in jail since the day she was arrested. In May of 2014, Samantha graduated with an Associates Degree in Individualized Studies with a focus of Fine Arts, Psychology and Marketing. Some day, she hopes to return to school for a Graduate Degree in Art Therapy, something that changed her for the better when she was struggling as a teenager.

During the time in college she learned a lot more than academics. She fell in love, became engaged, had affairs (on and off of campus), eventually broke off that engagement, and changed jobs quite often. After what felt like another breakdown, she turned to words instead of drugs like she did as a child.

For years and years she had been writing. Her first story was at the age of six, it was about her Lego characters taking over the world, block by block. After that, she wrote mostly pointless poems for her own sense of therapy. Sometimes short-stories based on other peoples lives. She even tried rapping for a while after getting sober. She had never intended on writing anything for the masses, she only did it because the words had to come out one way or another. They have always been brewing inside of her.

After that failed engagement, she knew she had two options, relapse (which would inevitably end her life) or write it all out. With no intentions for anyone to read the words that flew out in a fury, she still couldn’t put the pen down. After a couple months, she looked back on what she had created. For the first time, it clicked. She knew at that moment that she wanted a future as an author. She wanted that platform to say things most people are afraid to, and to bare her heart and soul for others entertainment. She also knew she had stories to tell, and a unique way to tell them.

After allowing some close, trusted friends to read through the first sloppy drafts of Long Legs in the Twin Cities they encouraged her to follow her dreams. So, she did. She kept writing, editing and researching. Her plans of self-publishing seemed daunting. The writing was the easy part. The endless search for an agent or publishing house became exhausting.

Everything sort of fell into place after college. After graduating she knew she needed some time off to really focus on her writing and herself. She had an opportunity to move 2,000 miles away from everything she had known to live on an island, work a very full-time job and live near her father. They had always had a rocky relationship and she looked at this as the perfect time to mend it. Little did she know, she’d find even more than a new-found relationship with her Dad while in Key West.

The next step, is with Black Widow Publishing. She looks forward to the future and can’t wait to become a developed, prolific author.


Keep in touch with Samantha on Facebook, Twitter, or WritersCafe.

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