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Samantha Koshiol is a 30 year old author but most days she feels like she’s closer to 60. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she’slived through multiple mid-life crisis’ that have given her a stark outlook on the world. Mental health issues (such as Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder) as well as drug abuse have plagued her since preteen years. These issues became so unbalanced and out-of-control that Sam wound up in psych wards, and eventually, jail.

After the stint behind bars she made the decision to grow up and do something with her life. Sam enrolled in college shortly after that and got herself on the Deans List semester after semester with exceptional grades. She joined Phi Theta Kappa (the national honor society for community colleges) in 2011. She hasn’t relapsed on the drugs that put her in jail since the day she was arrested. In May of 2014, Sam graduated with an Associates Degree in Individualized Studies with a focus of Fine Arts, Psychology and Marketing. Some day, she hopes to return to school for a Graduate Degree in Art Therapy, something that changed her for the better when she was struggling as a teenager. Until that time comes, she’s enjoying spending her time mostly working in the entertainment industry as a contracted security agent at local venues and events, or out in nature unplugging from humanity. 

Keep in touch with Samantha on Facebook, Twitter, or WritersCafe.


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