This is the last chapter from the book that will be leaked before it’s out. Technically, this is the first chapter in the book “Long Legs in the Twin Cities”. This was by far one of the most intense relationships I’ve ever been involved with. I was no saint and did a lot of […]


  I was going to update the site with a post on my current state of relationships but it’s too complicated at the moment. Some soul-searching is in need. Instead, I decided to release one more chapter to the book. This is the 7th chapter, titled Kelly. Please feel free to rate this post (and […]


Happy Valentines Day! In honor of the heartfelt holiday I’ve decided to release more of the book. This is the 8th chapter, Nancy,┬áto Long Legs in the Twin Cities. Please, feel free to leave comments in the box below. Enjoy. Nancy was gorgeous, her bright smile and dirty blonde hair alone had me staying out […]

Welcome to start of things.

In late July of 2012 I went through something life changing. The woman I loved and planned a future with decided she was no longer happy and needed her freedom back. Crushed and unsure what to do, I drove. I ended up at a random bar in Minneapolis, where everyone was a stranger. My plan […]