Expressionism – Hooptie ft. Orikal Uno

Rolling low-class since 16, ’92 Lumina, soccer-mom-style, Stuntin’ on the scene. After that, inherited, ’89 Corsica from my family. That car was as old as me. Used to die at stop-lights, Only drove it twice. ’95 Explorer, Off-roaded, Drove it ’til I broke it. Windows were missing, When it was zero below. Oh no, another […]

Expressionism – Drifter ft. Orikal Uno

Back in the fall/winter of 2012 a good friend of mine (Orikal Uno) helped me on a project during a time I really needed as many outlets as possible. Rapping made sense. I dove deep into during the time we worked on this project and tried to hone my lyricism. Orikal’s smooth emcee skills and […]