Expressionism – Winter 2012

Expressionism – Winter 2012

Are you happy? Cause I just don’t see it. So much potential To make the world spin for you. Yet you just don’t believe it. Stuck in zero gravity, Like purgatory is reality. You’re baffling, Beautiful and capturing, With anchored shoes. Yeah, you’re tied down. Throwing me clues now, You’re ready to be on your […]

Qutting Cold Turkey – My Current Thoughts on Sex

This is an update from the author, Samantha Koshiol. Written Feb. 18th, 2013. Stay tuned for more updates on the book and more author updates.   Don’t you love sex? Sex. Sex. Sex. Really that’s all this post could be filled with and you’d read it because sex talks. Sex makes the world go ‘round. […]

The forward.

Damaged women are beautiful. How come they never see it that way? Problems make a person passionate. Passion equals beauty. Therefore those cold claims are valid. See, this can be broken down to a simple science. Each interaction acts as a single molecule on a strand of DNA, requiring its own response which is uniquely comparative […]