Happy Birthday, pops. Miss you buddy.

Expression, at it’s finest.

Expression, at it’s finest.

Writers tend to be a lot of things. I’m sure each one of us could give you long, organized lists of how we break those molds and are unique from one another. We’d each be right. In a sense. No one, including us, is 100% the same as the next person. We definitely have things […]

Reflective Sunday Update

Some more current pieces on my general state of mind and introspective understanding of life. These were all written in the past two months. Enjoy.   (Written 2-25-2014) The definition of irony may be attempting to cure your social anxiety inĀ  by sitting smack dab in a sea of strangers. Been at this strange little […]

You caught me.

Anyone who read that previous post and expected an update yesterday clearly did not absorb it. I’m a runner. Runner by nature. Runner by choice. Even ran track in high school until I ran away from that in favor of drivers ed. A license gave me the freedom to run farther than ever before. This […]

Hey Guys.

If you actually follow this blog, you may be aware that I don’t update it frequently. This is due to many things. Being a busy and highly depressed 20-something can pretty much sum it up though. Somedays (more often then not) I have the time but not the balls to be so honest with the […]

How’s this for self aware?

This summer was what summers should be, consuming of time spent doing very little. I attribute lots of my wasted time to a period of heavy drinking. It began to bleed into the school year and recently lots of things going on in my personal and family life have caused me to once again, chill […]

What I’ve Learned

What I’ve Learned

The month is only about halfway through but I want to make this a regular thing. Some reflection and outlook on what’s happened in life, and what I’ve taken from it is important in progressing as a person. Taking the time to properly process things sometimes isn’t the easiest. Life gets busy. That’s no excuse. […]


This is an update. Not much else to say about this one, it’s pretty self-explanatory.   I’m not the type who can learn to love a woman. They have to just have that thing. The aura. That passion. God, that passion. It drives me wild. Uncontrollable and magnetic. So rare it pulls you under every […]

Some Sunday Night Poetry

It rained a lot this weekend in the state of Minnesota. Outdoors and in the minds of many people I love and care about. Myself included. You know what they say, “when it rains, it pours”. Old sayings remain around for a reason. Rain brings vitality and life to new beginnings. It’s about time they […]


This is an update from May 6th, 2013. I’m currently stuck. Infatuated and confused. Creating a large mess for a handful of people while attempting to grip tight on any shred of happiness this situation brings. I’m old, wise and honest enough to admit it’s entirely selfish. No justifications needed. I feel the passion, so […]