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Too easy to poke fun

Too irritating to try to understand

Still, we must do what we can if we give a damn

Holding your own hand, solo, is no type of plan

Extend a branch, support some friends

Support some strangers

Even the ones that might incite anger

The ones that don’t deserve it

And the one’s the thank you

None of them are sinners

And I promise, you’re no angel.

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Do you remember?

That unusually warm December?

Global warming inching, threatening to end it?

Can’t run or hide from the truth inside

Not when it’s this nice outside

We’re alive for what it’s worth

Mind as well enjoy our ticking time on this fading Earth

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Still drunk and foolish

Knowing each sips leads to thoughts more barren and fruitless

Liquor therapy, dare I say, is, so useless

I use it for this,

For those words,

The ones that just hang from my lips.

So much better spoken through these here fingertips.

Verbally witless,

It’s easy to witness,

Even gets easier if I continue to sip this

Words spilling like wrist slit.

With leaking emotions


I try so hard not to show them

Elixir forces these wounds back wide open

Can we keep it all in the moment?

Others lose focus, we all know how atrocious it can get

Does our conversation feel hopeless?

Would you rather read it, if I wrote it?

Or would you prefer to write me off like you had simply never noticed?

Soundless sealed and stuck at zero, motionless

Been trying to give it a rest,

It’s this liquid courage pulling it from my chest

Words of all kind

Even the worst, at their best

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Isn’t it cruel that February, the month meant for the little guy, is the shortest?

Can’t just be irony.

There’s no way the universe is accidental but the dates within it are decided.

A calendar was created.

Sun cycles and moon cycles as the probable guide.

Things cycle. Fluidly.

They’re moving constantly.

But yet we place it in a box with a static time clock.

Count-down to midnight, watch the ball drop.

Japan did it hours ago, so does that just mean we’re behind on the times?

Being late is meaningless when you realize how fictionalized the concept of time is.

Clock-in late, punch-out early.

Tomorrow’s a new day.

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Can’t claim you

Fuck, you know that I’d love to

Somehow need to thank you

For being such an angel

Liking me for me, the way it should be

Worried that you’ll be fleeing

But it’s yet to been seen

Stay with me and keep pretending

Evening after evening

Like this is never-ending

Want your friendship

Some love, maybe raise some kids

Want to hold you by your hips

And show you otherwise the things that you’d miss

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Take a trip, get away

Do it with your mental

Escape it with your brain

You can leave, today

Feel freer, for cheaper

No need to pay for a plane

Unleashing your soul on the page

Can do just the same

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What a change in America,

The Nation fueled by terror.

Who should we really be scared of?

Patriots blindly trusted domestic policies,

Like rules from their parents.

Wiki-leak it, make it apparent.

They don’t care about us,

We see it now, it’s clear enough.

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Don’t need no lady to drive ME crazy.

Alone, it doesn’t faze me.

Baddest at their worsts,

Got me running even faster,

Kicking dirt on the way past her.

With one, there’s less room to hurt.

Purposefully save face and worth,

Hold and grasp to the concept of loving me first.

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Head-space under siege

Brain like pearl harbor in the early 20th

Fire in the water!

Duck for cover!

Thoughts are on the fritz

Scattered and forlorn

I’m exhausted from the racing,

Scorn from the losing score

Been stuck on pacing back and forth,

Like a borderline version of Usain Bolt

Too good at this for my own good,

Too bad to be alone

Too argumentative to make sense about it

Too co-dependent to let go.

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Yeah, we’re meant to be alone, ultimately.

Think about it.

As different as we all are, is it possible that there’s one human out there that perfectly fits all the needs of another?

Very, very slim chance.

Even if that is how it works, what if that one person died years ago?

Or they became dead to you years ago?

Mind as well get used to being alone, because it seems a majority of ones life is spent that way.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones.

One that found the one that fits-or the one that compromises to fit as much as possible.

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