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What a change in America,

The Nation fueled by terror.

Who should we really be scared of?

Patriots blindly trusted domestic policies,

Like rules from their parents.

Wiki-leak it, make it apparent.

They don’t care about us,

We see it now, it’s clear enough.

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Don’t need no lady to drive ME crazy.

Alone, it doesn’t faze me.

Baddest at their worsts,

Got me running even faster,

Kicking dirt on the way past her.

With one, there’s less room to hurt.

Purposefully save face and worth,

Hold and grasp to the concept of loving me first.

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Head-space under siege

Brain like pearl harbor in the early 20th

Fire in the water!

Duck for cover!

Thoughts are on the fritz

Scattered and forlorn

I’m exhausted from the racing,

Scorn from the losing score

Been stuck on pacing back and forth,

Like a borderline version of Usain Bolt

Too good at this for my own good,

Too bad to be alone

Too argumentative to make sense about it

Too co-dependent to let go.

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Yeah, we’re meant to be alone, ultimately.

Think about it.

As different as we all are, is it possible that there’s one human out there that perfectly fits all the needs of another?

Very, very slim chance.

Even if that is how it works, what if that one person died years ago?

Or they became dead to you years ago?

Mind as well get used to being alone, because it seems a majority of ones life is spent that way.

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones.

One that found the one that fits-or the one that compromises to fit as much as possible.

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If you told my law-breaking 16 y.o self that I’d be protecting others, ex-con turned good samaritan, wearing cuffs and posing for mugshots gone citizen arresting rogue agent, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here I am, certified and ready for action.

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Defining myself.

Making me worthwhile.

Investing in the future,

Even when the universe appears bleaker than ever.

Life has forced the fight out of me,

And I’m not content with losing.

Battle and prosper.

Push on and make it last longer.

Was built a little stronger,

To try a little harder.

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Working for the white.

The rich.

The powerful.

When your industry involves expensive weddings and black tie gala’s, you know you’re spending most hours on the clock holding the door open for those that don’t even believe I have the right to marry someone of the same sex.

But a job is a job.

Swallow those words and show some respect for that paycheck, baby.

Set your beliefs aside and you’re hired.

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Giving it all, physically

Grasp me, kiss me with your hips against me

Let’s fist-fight mentally

Misery, regretting all the ones we’re missing

Wake up with me,

West of the Mississippi

Pretend we’re both still pretty,

Disheveled from the night before

Looking brand new when the daylight light glows

Stay just a while

While we fight off denial

This was a one time deal,

But girl, you fucking wild

Like your style

Call when you’re lonely

Just go ahead, phone me

I’ll be back tonight to wake up with you tomorrow morning

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Been some time between us.

The thing that makes me lose all fucking control.

Swear, this ink is a damn drug.

A therapist.

A love.

A future.

An enemy.

A career.

All in one.

How could one strike it so damn lucky?

One fucking stone, and it feels like I’ve got this whole flock.




If they wanna sing, I’d love to hear the melodies they got.

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Definitely addicted.

As soon as you left, I was ready to replace you.

Had me withdrawing like I’d freebased you.

Chasing dragons like chasing you.

Not ready to quit, but I got to.

Drugs are just drugs, without you.

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