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Still drunk and foolish Knowing each sips leads to thoughts more barren and fruitless Liquor therapy, dare I say, is, so useless I use it for this, For those words, The ones that just hang from my lips. So much better spoken through these here fingertips. Verbally witless, It’s easy to witness, Even gets easier […]

Reflective Sunday Update

Some more current pieces on my general state of mind and introspective understanding of life. These were all written in the past two months. Enjoy.   (Written 2-25-2014) The definition of irony may be attempting to cure your social anxiety inĀ  by sitting smack dab in a sea of strangers. Been at this strange little […]


  I was going to update the site with a post on my current state of relationships but it’s too complicated at the moment. Some soul-searching is in need. Instead, I decided to release one more chapter to the book. This is the 7th chapter, titled Kelly. Please feel free to rate this post (and […]