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Head-space under siege Brain like pearl harbor in the early 20th Fire in the water! Duck for cover! Thoughts are on the fritz Scattered and forlorn I’m exhausted from the racing, Scorn from the losing score Been stuck on pacing back and forth, Like a borderline version of Usain Bolt Too good at this for […]

You caught me.

Anyone who read that previous post and expected an update yesterday clearly did not absorb it. I’m a runner. Runner by nature. Runner by choice. Even ran track in high school until I ran away from that in favor of drivers ed. A license gave me the freedom to run farther than ever before. This […]

Hey Guys.

If you actually follow this blog, you may be aware that I don’t update it frequently. This is due to many things. Being a busy and highly depressed 20-something can pretty much sum it up though. Somedays (more often then not) I have the time but not the balls to be so honest with the […]