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What the Readers Say

Long Legs in the Twin Cities has been a work in the making and throughout the process a few curious readers were allowed a peek into the bulk of the book. This is what they have to say about it:

Samantha Koshiol’s novel Long Legs in the Twin Cities is an autobiography about a lesbian who can never seem to be attracted to the right type of women. Koshiol falls for women like Paige, the straight girl with a boyfriend, or Nancy, the lesbian who’s moving across the country in a week. Long Legs in the Twin Cities is such a great book because we’ve all had relationships like these, relationships that are doomed from the start, but they’re so damn fun and crazy and passion filled that we try to delude ourselves into believing they just might work. In Long Legs in the Twin Cities Koshiol takes a stark look at her love life and lays it out there for all to see; her brutally honest look at both her and her partners actions allow people to look at their past relationships in a new way and accept that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

– M.Roberson-Moody

More reviews will be added periodically before and after the release. Please contact the author at samkosho@gmail.com if you’d like to write a review or fill out some comments in this form below to be featured on the site!

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